The Black Letter Game.

From creators of The Game in Seattle comes a new kind of puzzling adventure for 2015 — a series of limited-edition real-world artifacts, each with multiple puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover, delivered to your door. Work singly or as part of a team as you compete against other players from around the world.

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What is the Black Letter Game?

An Immersive Story

By subscribing to the Black Letter Game, you join the prestigious Intern Assessment Program at the fictitious Black Letter Labs, where every few years a group of interns are invited to work side-by-side with the Lab's analysts to identify, decode, and expose the communications of a shadowy organization called The Seventeen.

Challenging Artifacts

The Seventeen communicate with one another by hiding messages in what appear to be ordinary real-world objects. As an intern at the Lab you will receive copies of these objects — called artifacts — to test your puzzle-solving prowess. But be forewarned: The Seventeen are as sneaky as they are nefarious, and their puzzles are hard.

Endorsed by Brains

Some of the biggest puzzlers on the planet have played the Black Letter Game. Here's what they say:

“A new way to game.”
— Joe Belfiore, creator of the Bay Area Race Fantastique

“A perfect gift
for the obsessive mind.”

— Edward Jung, former CTO, Microsoft

“These puzzles are clever, beautiful — and hard!”
— Dan Egnor, Team Burninators

“It's already on my gift list.”
— Jan Miksovsky, designer of Hope2Die (1996)

“The physical tangibility of these puzzles is what hooked me.”
— John Tippett, designer of EnGenetics (1995)

“If you like puzzle hunts, you won’t want to miss this.”
— Mark Malamud, designer of
vQuest (2000)

“An insanely-wonderful
narrative rabbit hole!”

— Paul van Zwalenburg, author

“Made my brain explode
... in an oddly-pleasant way.”

— Cary Hammer, software developer, Star Trek 25th anniversary

“Incredible value, incredibly fun.”
— Dr. C. Barnett,
Family practice physician

“The Black Letter Game truly completes me!”
— Hugh Rubin, general manager, Microsoft

“Crazy puzzles, insanely hard. Pulled out my hair. Loved it!”
— Susan Hautala,
physical oceanographer

“Hands down the most entertaining and engaging puzzles I've ever solved!”
— Jason Deakins, Team CornChak

“Watching my mailbox for the Black Letter Game ... that's finally something to write home about!”
— Shawn Tseng, Team DOLEAC

“Who doesn't love advancing mysterious agendas of enigmatic pseudonymous entities!”
— Laura E. Hall, designer of Spark of Resistance Locked Room Mystery

A Few Examples

We can't tell you what this year's artifacts are — that would spoil the fun! — but we can show you a few artifacts from the past.

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Each subscription to the Black Letter Game includes four limited-edition artifacts delivered to your door, access to the Black Letter Labs website and the community of other players, as well regular interaction with the creators of the game (by submitting guesses and solutions, and receiving feedback). Your subscription also includes a special prize if you complete the entire series — and all for the low price of $99.00 (plus shipping & handling*). That means each artifact is less than the cost of a week of Caramel Brulée Lattes. We think that's a pretty sweet deal.

The previous Black Letter Game sold out — so what are you waiting for? A gold-encrusted Enigma machine to fall into your lap? Subscribe now! Just click the teeny-tiny button below. And while you're at it, you might also consider subscribing for a friend. Or two. Or an entire team. Don't let your fellow puzzlers miss out. The Black Letter Game makes an excellent holiday gift!

UPDATE: The rerun of the Black Letter Game is currently SOLD OUT. Sorry about that! If you'd like to participate in a future Black Letter Game or event, feel free to join our mailing list by sending a message to